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I grew up in a home where my mom loved to cook. My fondest memories are of our family in the kitchen. Going to our family’s farm in the south of Namibia , processing meat and braaing as we go- Everything from kaings and krummelpap to pofadder and experimenting with different spices. The workers on the farm made us roosterkoek and vetkoek with rendered fat as the oil substitute. My mother, Liana, taught me how to make koeksisters, debone and stuff chickens, how to prepare a leg of lamb and so much more. Together we mastered the making of meringues, the quantities of ingredients we need for certain amounts of guests. We read up about edible flowers and garnishing. We inspired each other with Pinterest ideas and new recipes she got from her colleagues. My mom and I dreamt about having a place of our own one day.

Liana van de Venter aka Liefjana passed away on 10 June 2021, at the age of 50. 

So I dedicate Liefjana to her; my loving mother and my dearest friend.